• Brief Description of the Project

However, Robots cannot replace humans, but they can help humans in many matters, such as emergencies or environmental pollution caused by infectious or radioactive substances. Robots can also monitor a patient’s physical health and condition on an ongoing basis without violating his or her privacy. Due to coverage more end-users, we have suggested a multi proposed mobile robot (named AtisROBOT) with variant features, in which three application are defined. The AtisROBOT has a base for three type of mobility: remote control, semi-autonomous and full- autonomous. And it has accessories which can be mounted on the base (ATISbase).  The accessories are designed for different application such as UV (ATISuv), and manipulation assistant and human interaction (ATISarm).


Due to omnidirectional movement, the robot locomotion is based on four holonomic wheels and surrounding sensors and vision system (this facility is for only autonomous type) aimed to obstacle avoidance. For easy to charge its batteries it has already self-charging system.